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spring 2020 -- issue 2

Managing Editor & Poetry Editor

Ashleigh Severson

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 2.49.05 PM_edi

Ashleigh Severson is a single mom and Northwest Arkansas native. She was the first to receive the Associate of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from NWACC. She is still enrolled at NWACC while simultaneously seeking her Bachelor of Arts in English-Creative Writing (Poetry), African and African American Studies, and History at the University of Arkansas. She is a 4.0 GPA member of the Fulbright Honors College. Her plans are to follow up with an MFA and PhD in English and Poetry with the aspirations of sharing her love of poetry and African American studies through teaching. 

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Fiction Editor

Olivia Schaap

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Olivia is pursing an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She likes to tell people that she's President of the Honors Student Association at NWACC, but it's really not that big a deal. A few of her hobbies include breathing, staring at a blank wall, and occasionally tapping spoons against trees. Her future plans include not being homeless, and maybe getting a pet fish someday.


Malorie Andreasen


Malorie is part-time student at NWACC. She is in pursuit of a degree in Sociology and hopes to learn everything she can about the world and how to make it a better place. She enjoys a variety of activities that include knitting, rock climbing, making playlists, reading, riding her bike, and teasing her boyfriend. Her favorite restaurant is Crêpes Paulette in Bentonville, Arkansas, and she highly recommends that you try it out if you haven't already.

Non-Fiction Editor

Jess Pendergrass


Jess is a non-traditional student studying English and Marketing. She enjoys all things arts, including writing, painting, dancing, and movies. She has one younger sister, Kayla, whom she considers her best friend.

Asst. Poetry Editor

Shonna Enzio


Shonna Enzio is a Fantasy Fiction Writer and Poet that makes her home in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. She is a creative writing student and enjoys crafting, quilting, ballroom dancing with her husband Ben and playing board games with her son. She lives her life full of whimsy and dreams of traveling abroad.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Victoria Moore


Victoria Moore is the faculty adviser for Hive Avenue and a creative writing faculty member at NWACC. She has poems published most recently in Zone 3; Belle Journal, Paper Nautilus, Kindred, and 30 Poets, 30 Poems.

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