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When You Find Your Voice

by Matthew Berg

           Stumbling over self-consciousness, overanalyzing the thoughts tripping their way to words spoken. The wrong expression offered, and the now red-faced communicator wants little else than to hide from it all.

            Then one day it happens. Clarity is known, a healthy processing with a defined delivery. The place of solitude becomes a strength. The welcome partnership of a more gracious audience empowers the timid and the out-of-place. When you find your voice you learn self-worth, self-confidence. When you sift through your thoughts and emotions, seek a healthy investment in being the best you suddenly everything changes for the better, you become whole. The place of solitude can be anywhere (and sometimes it's not even one of solitude). The welcome partnership can be in many forms, and as long as it's honest and allows grace in the process there is good and healthy growth there.

            When you find your voice, you begin to find you. This is only one part of good self-worth, it is a necessary one I'm finding however; and for me I'm finding it through writing.

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