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Details of an evening

by Purbasha Roy

The sun slipped behind west

quality of dark improving each 

second like coffee I made when

thirteen and the coffee of yesterday

that took to coldness after I forgot 

at window-sill to attend doorbell 

calling. How I stretched my body at

 made bed could've enlivened a broken

boat's silence as it journeys to river-bed

something in suddenness like waft of air

recalled evenings, world felt less strange 

my pick of blue wildflowers on way back home

the petals braving sun on them could've 

dizzied butterflies as sky scarpes dropped 

down. Never scolded for the mess I brought 

mortal shapes of virtues have pink smiles

once a foreteller told mother, pink is her 

color. With a prick of pendulum-stroke trance

ended like a pigeon flown to yonder from 

magician's pocket. My synapses drugged

on these, vanished like crowd from an

ancient civilization struck by epidemic 

leaving relics behind, but for whom...

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